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I went through a terrible experience in June of 2011.  My car was stolen!  It was a very difficult and complicated mess to deal with.  My car had been stolen out of state and left me with no way to recover it.  I am in Montana and my car was way down in southern California. 

When my car was finally seized by the police and taken to a tow yard, I still had the problem of trying to get it home.  I called a number of companies in the transport business with little to no success at getting my car home.  But then I had the good fortune of finding Patrick Nayeri with Blue Angels Express. 

Even though I had first called Patrick for help fairly late in the afternoon, he got right on top of things and started working diligently to get things going on coordinating an effort to get my car moving home to Montana.

Patrick made many calls to his associates in the area where my car was impounded and pushed hard to get my car out of the impound lot as fast as possible to stop the daily charge of $35 that was being assessed everyday my car sat in impound.

He then arranged for a very professional individual by the name of Casey with Pro-line Transportation to put my automobile on a car carrier and deliver it home to me.

I was a complete stranger to Patrick and he immediately took me in and treated me like a long time best friend.  Patrick Nayeri of Blue Angels Express was so generous that he only charged me what it cost him to get my car transported home.  He didn't ask for anything more than his cost to get my car home.  Patrick did all this for a stranger in need. 

Also, Patrick gave me a very good heads up to talk with my insurance to get reimbursed for towing, transportation of my vehicle and other expenses related to this ordeal.  I have done this and been reimbursed thanks to Patrick's good, sound advice.

Blue Angels Express is a very good and accurate name for Patrick's company because only an Angel sent from God would be so good to a total stranger.

If you need a vehicle delivered anywhere in the country, go to Patrick Nayeri with Blue Angels Express.  You will be treated like a friend of many years.

Thank you Patrick, for being my friend.

Mark Smith  


Throughout my Naval career I have shipped my cars many times with various companies, but my experience with Blue Angels Express was by far the best one. Their friendly staff is very knowledgeable about Military moves and they go above and beyond to help you with a Hassel free shipping of your car. I was extremely impressed with their level of knowledge and professionalism, and I would recommend their company to anyone who is looking to ship a car.

Bob Baily, LCDR, USN.


I recently purchased a Mercedes for my daughter’s birthday from one of the dealers in Los Angeles and I needed it to be shipped from LA to Las Vegas and I need it there by the next day. BAE not only met my dead line, the driver went out of his way to take my daughter for a ride in her new car and showed her how all the gadgets work in her car. He also took the time to set her seat and adjust the side mirrors for her and patiently stood on each side of the car to show her where her blind spots are. Their service was outstanding!!! I highly recommend this company for any Vehicle shipping.

Larry Altschul.


Blue Angles customer service rocks! I shipped my car from New York to Los Angeles but I was delayed arriving for about 2 weeks. When I arrived to their terminal to pick up my car, I noticed that they had a car cover over my car to prevent it from the elements. Not only they did not charge me for storing my car for two weeks, the operations manager had my car washed while I was waiting and he took time out his busy schedule to direct me to the nearest freeway by him driving his own car and me following him because he know that I was new in town and he did not want me to get lost. Who would do that for you now days?

Marry Ann Forse

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