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Dealer Services

BAE Auto Shippers can provide your dealership with a wide range of auto transportation services; from local service pick ups and deliveries to nationwide vehicle relocation and other specialized auto transportation services. BAE Auto Shippers is your final destination for all your vehicle transportation needs. BAE Auto Shippers currently works with thousands of automotive dealers across the US and also provides auto shipping services for all major automotive manufacturers. BAE Auto Shippers has been in the auto transportation industry for over 15 years and we know what it takes to provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction at an affordable rate. With our online vehicle transport quote form and dedicated agents we make it convenient for you to take care of all your vehicle shipping needs. Please contact us today for a free auto shipping quote and see the difference for yourself.

Service Calls

BAE Auto Shippers provides specialized flatbed auto transport services for all of your local service call needs. We only use the top of the line equipment that has been specially designed for high line auto transportaion. We know how much damages caused by auto transporters cost dealers every year, so we make sure to use equipment that has been proven to be damage free to the customers vehicle. We use soft-tie tire straps that tie the vehicle down to the bed of the truck by holding down the tire vs. tow trucks that tend to either put a strap through the wheel (causing damage to the wheel and alignment) or by chaining down suspension components (damaging suspension and underbody of the vehicle). We provide 24 hours a day pick up and drop off and we are very committed to a strict time schedule. BAE Auto Shippers provides a true door-to-door vehicle transportation service, we will pick up your customer's vehicle at their place of residence or work and once the service is completed, we will transport the vehicle back to the customer's perfered delivery location.

Dealer Trades and Specialized Auto Transport
  • BAE Auto Shippers is a direct auto transport carrier with our own fleet of trucks, which means we can take care of your entire automobile shipping needs from coast to coast. Most auto shipping companies are in fact auto shipping brokers. Most auto shipping brokers do not have a dedicated fleet of auto transporters, this means that they will take your order and then try to find an auto shipping carrier to transport your vehicle. Due to this fact they cannot guarantee who will pick up the vehicle and how professional and or experienced they will be. In addition, since auto shipping brokers don't have their own auto carrier trucks, they cannot guarantee that they can find a carrier to pick up the vehicle and or how long it will take for the vehicle to actually be picked up.
  • Dealer Trades and Wholesale Accounts.
  • BAE Auto Shippers provides two methods of vehicle shipping:

    The first method is referred to as an Open Carrier. This means that your vehicle will be placed on an open car carrier truck which is not covered and obviously does not provide protection from the elements. This method is recommended for used cars or non-high line vehicles due to the fact that open carriers are a few hundred dollars cheaper on the average.

    The second method is referred to as an enclosed carrier. With this method the vehicle is placed inside an enclosed trailer which will prevent your vehicle from being exposed to any outside elements. The enclosed method is recommended for all new and high-line cars. This method ensures that the vehicle is delivered in the exact same condition that it left the show room in.




Corporate Relocation Services

BAE Auto Shippers provides corporate relocation services to companies of all sizes, all across the world. We ship thousands of cars a year for companies relocating their employees. At BAE Auto Shippers we understand that in the business world time is money, so we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when it comes to enforcing a strict pick-up and delivery schedule. BAE auto shipping aims to make the process of shipping your employee's vehicle as smooth and convenient as possible. By providing outstanding service at an affordable rate, BAE Auto Shippers has established itself as a leader in the vehicle transportation industry. As listed below we are the preferred carrier for one of the world's biggest corporations, THE US MILITARY! We can handle the auto transportation needs of any company regardless of size.

By using BAE Auto Shipping for your corporate relocation needs you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • We offer Corporate Account Discounts

  • Reliable pickup and delivery schedules that take out the guess work out of shipping your car.

  • Individually assigned customer care representative to guide you through every step and take care of any questions you might have.

  • True Door to Door vehicle shipping service.

  • Expedited car shipping service is provided for all of our customers at no extra charge!




Military Relocation Services


Are you moving/ Do you need to ship your vehicle?


• Military only pays for shipment of household goods, not vehicles. This leaves you with a burden of either driving, or shipping your vehicle at your cost to your final destination.

BAE Auto Shippers offers a special program exclusive to military families, which is designed to save you time and money.

• A reliable auto transporter can be hard to find

• Most auto transport companies don’t understand the challenges of military move (PCS). This can cause you a lot of time, headache, and money.

BAE Auto Shippers is owned and operated by a Navy family. As a matter of fact our CEO is currently serving on active duty, so we understand all challenges that you face as a military family more than any other company in this business.

• Majority of auto transport companies don’t own their own transport trucks. Most transport companies pretend to be the actual transporter, but in reality they are just brokers which means more cost to you because there is a middle man involved. Also the brokers will allow anyone to transport your car in order to prevent delays on shipping. As long as they are making their commission off of you, most of them don’t really care what happens to your car. Blue Angels Express Inc. is an actual carrier not a broker. We cut the middle man out and pass the savings on to you in addition to our already rock bottom special military rates. • Majority of those who own their trucks are under insured. Most auto transport companies only carry the minimum cargo insurance required by law. This means in the event of an accident, fire, or theft, your damages will not be covered 100%

BAE Auto Shippers takes its customers trust very seriously, that is why each one of our auto carrier trucks carries a one million dollar insurance policy

• A surprising number of auto transporters are new, and been in business less than 2 years.

• Most brokers throw in their own hidden fees

• Majority of transports carry outdated and inadequate equipment.

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